​​​​Calendar of Vondriska Woodworks woodworking classes​​

More fall classes will be added soon

Note that some classes are offered through Hudson Community Ed, and registration is done through them.

March 10, 9-Noon, Woodworking I

Teaching on the road

Feb 3, Create a Basic Cabinet​, Central Minnesota Woodworkers Association

Feb 17, Turning Demo, Rockler, Schaumburg, IL 1 PM start time

Feb 23-24, CNC Basics and Router Jigs, Stan Houston Equipment, Sioux Falls, SD

April 28, Turning Demo, Woodcraft, Buffalo Grove, IL, 1 PM start time

May 17-20. Weekend with WOOD

July, Central Indiana Woodworks, more info coming

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Fees for woodworking courses include all materials.  For all day classes students may pack a lunch or eat at a Hammond restaurant. 

Intro to Benchtop CNC

3 hours

Wondering if a benchtop CNC machine is a good investment for your shop?  Here's your chance to see, first hand, what today's CNC machines can do.  Vondriska Woodworks has machines from Laguna, Next Wave, and ShopBot. You'll see how the design work is done on VCarve software (common to many CNC machines), how material is secured to the work surface of the CNC, zeroing of the X,Y, and Z axes, bit changes, and how cuts are made on the CNC machine. This is a great opportunity to have a look at three different machines, and see what kind of detail a CNC can produce. Call or email to reserve your spot in this class. Please bring a folding chair and hearing protection.


Introduction to Woodworking

3 hours

Here's your chance to get started in woodworking.  Each student will make a tool tote while learning to use the table saw, jointer, router, bandsaw, and drill press.


Cabinet Making I

2 days

Learn to build a face frame wall hanging cabinet. Cut dadoes and rabbets in the plywood carcase, make a rail and stile door on the router table, miter the trim that finishes the top.  The processes and tricks you learn in this class will help you build high quality book cases, vanities, and more.  Each student will build their own cabinet.


Introduction to Bowl Turning

3 hours

Bowl turning can be a very addictive hobby.  This class will take you from mounting a bowl through the scraping process.  Each student will work on their own lathe, turning their own bowl.  


You Can CNC

6 hours

Work with VCarve software to create a design that includes lettering and artwork.  Learn to create toolpaths, check the paths for accuracy, and export the files for work on a CNC machine.  You'll see different methods for securing the work to the CNC table, how to zero the axes, and you'll cut the project you designed.


Longbow Building Workshop

3 days

For more than 20 years Tom has delighted bow hunters, archery enthusiasts, SCA enthusiasts, and woodworkers with his hands-on immersion class by building authentic hunting weight long bows. 

First-time students to Tom's classes will make a traditional, Bamboo-Backed Long Bow. Returning students* will make an advanced, Reflex/Deflex Long Bow.
This 3-day hands-on class will cover selection of woods, tillering of a stave, stringing, and shooting a handcrafted bamboo backed long bow. Each student crafts their own bow, and will leave with a bow, two wooden arrows, a hand twisted Flemish bowstring, and a working knowledge of how to "teach" wood to bend.  Tom will also teach you how to apply a great finish to the bows.

Watch videos of first-time student "bowyers" shooting the long bows they built with Tom.

All materials and use of tools are included in the $550 tuition. Class size is limited to 8 students. 


CNC Seminar

The CNC Seminar will focus on all Vectric software titles and is designed to bring new users an increased knowledge and confidence for their CNC journey while providing techniques and methodology that will offer seasoned veterans new tools to increase their success.
        The CNC Seminar’s approach is to have a live interactive meeting where your problem is addressed and help with two or three options on how to get the results you want. You'll go from the basics to the advanced of CNC machine operation and the Vectric design.
    -Real world examples that you can follow along with on your computer.

     -An attendee driven segment.
Your questions, Your issues, Your “If I only knew how to ....” Answered !


Woodworking II

8 hours

Take your woodworking skills to the next level.  In this class, each student builds a stool with tapered legs, a solid wood top, and molded rails.  Loose tenon joinery is used to join the rails to the legs.  Learn to do edge to edge glue ups, how to use a planer, make molding cuts on a router table, and more.


Vondriska Woodworks Woodworking Classes

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